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Africa is a land of opportunities, talents, potentials and resources. Africa unarguably emerges as the most vital field for research in recent times. With supportive platforms uniting the academia and the technocrats or industrialists, the Pan-African future is even brighter. Academiafrique! encourages implementable research results, findings and discoveries.
We are interested in studies and projects that will promote peace, culture, environmental sustenance, technology creation and transfer, wealth creation and sustenance, skill acquisition and engineering development.


Academiafrique! is a hub and community of African scholars and international researchers and African students of higher learning interested in African theology, culture, worship, fashion, linguistics, Sciences, Engineering, Technology Transfer, anthropology/sociology, ethnography and emerging trends in African scholarship. Academiafrique! seeks to identify African problems and support the development and deployment of indigenous solutions to the local problems.

Researchers across the globe are beginning to focus their studies on Africa. Grant donors and funding agencies are dishing out several dollars yearly to support African-centered R&D, especially in the developing countries. These opportunities have intensified and are enhancing education in the Continent towards adapting her nations for the fast changes occurring in the global economic sector. Industries are adjusting rapidly to contain development in healthcare, engineering, management sciences, computing and technology. In this regard, there is a great emphasis on research in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and the humanities and how to fit these into the African context, for the purpose of solving local problems.


At Academiafrique, we help you to:::



Let's discuss your ongoing research or new ideas. We can help you develop the concept and expand the contents. We fine-tune your thoughts and make goldmind out of it. We show you possibilities with your ideas.


In the world we live in today, when you introduce yourself to a new friend or your business to a prospective customer, they quickly check up your name or brand on Google! They want to know if you "exist" on this current planet. It becomes a bigger issue if one is in academics. We make you visible, reachable and your work accessible.


Are you new to it? Is your idea or concept novel? Do you have the right tools. We guide you through the way and teach you how to adopt the best principles/ethics and have full copyright of your intellectual property. We help early career starters jumpstart and have their hands greased with relevant tools and guides.


The task of a scholar goes beyond finding out a thing or saying something novel. It includes sharing that which has been found out. These research products must be adequately communicated, intelligently presented and timely made available to both research communities and the business/corporate world.


We help you to keep your rights. We guide you through the process and save the rigours of getting your brainchild documented and registered with the appropriate agencies to protect against infringement of rights or theft of intellectual property. We help protect your trademarks and many more.


As an Institution, you will need to develop your repositories, plan for contingencies on resources, foster growth of academia in your employ, ensure quality control of research emanating from your staff and enhance your impact factor in global ranking.
We help your students turn out genuine projects capable of supporting social development.


We handle publications in different ways depending on your needs. We can recommend suitable journals or publishers for your work at discounted rates. We can publish with any of our affiliate publishers depending on the focus of your manuscripts. We basically work based on your concern.


Our aim is to help you achieve uniqueness in your contents. We also help institutions to ensure that their members of staff and students develop unique contents. You can submit your manuscript for plagiarism checks at discounted rates.


Sufficient time and resources are given to every manuscript submitted to us. Our goal is to return highly refined manuscripts to the authors without loosing the original and distinctive voices of the writers.

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We value what we do and most importantly those that have deals with us, including clients, staff and stakeholders.
Our services are driven by cutting-edge technologies and handled by professionals in the domain. 
Whatever your needs are, you are sure to find the right team to handle your projects.
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We deliver as agreed upon in contents, structure, format, bringing professionalism to work.

Timing is of essence in what we do. We keep you posted on the progress made on your job and deliver on schedule. .

We increase your profile in every job done with us through quality control and rights protection.

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Our demands are friendly since our aim is to promote indigenous growth and development.

We love the service we give because they are important to us.

We treat clients' contents with us with utmost confidentiality.


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Now, it's time to work. Send us your draft, we will make it gold. 
Send us your finished paper, we make you love it more.
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Send your manuscripts to: Upon receipt of the manuscript, an acknowledgement letter which includes the manuscript number and quote for the service fee will be sent to the author(s).

What's your need?

Kindly specify the service you require from us on your manuscript such as:

1. Proofreading/editing
2. Review/Critiquing
3. Plagiarism check
4. Contents enhancement/concept development
5. Recommendation to appropriate Journals
6. Formatting for a named Publisher
7. Translation to another language

After each manuscript has been edited, two copies of the manuscript will be returned to you, one showing the areas affected by the service and the other showing the camera-ready version.



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Let's get on with the map to Africa. A land of opportunities, knowledge and creativity. Join the vessel. .

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